Pretty and Functional Planning


fullsizeoutput_1569I’m really big on taking an hour or so every morning to myself.  I sit with a cup of coffee and my planner and go through my day hour by hour to ensure that I have every thing accounted for.  I use all things to keep me as close to sane as possible.  Future appointments are in my phone and present plans are on my planner.

While drinking my coffee and as my foggy sleepy mind clears up I am able to make a rough draft of what my day is going to look like.  I look at a master to do list and figure out how many of those “to-do’s” I’m able to tackle.  Then I look at my schedule and how many calls or meetings I have for the day and I put those in my planner as well.  The rest of the time I make sure I make time for me i.e. lunch time and a coffee break in the afternoon and then I block other times for actual work.  We all know that with all the meetings we have on our calendar and other people in the office having access to put meetings on everyone’s calendar if we don’t block time we are never going to get anything accomplished before midnight.  So I find that blocking time on the calendar when no one can insert a meeting is a priority for me.

I know that most days my plan is just a rough draft.  Being a paralegal and I’m sure other professionals go through the same thing, most days there will be things coming out of the woodwork which I cannot control.  However, giving my brain the option to look at what needs to be done early on gives me the chance to prepare for the day.

My day may sound really structured and boring but in order to keep my planner from becoming depressing I make it pretty.  I have tons of color in my planner, I use stickers and I use dividers which I make and sell in my Etsy Shop.  The color, the stickers and the dividers may sound like an obstruction to a well planned life but, in fact, they have become a life saver and what I rely on to make sure that I am always willing to open the planner.  It makes me smile and so I open it, read it and because I want to cross out things on my to do list, I go about my day.

So, here is my challenge to you.  Go get yourself a pretty planner.  It can be anything, ring bound, a Traveler’s Notebook, a bullet journal … whatever you want and then make it your own.  Get creative, make mistakes, make lists, add wish lists, bucket lists … do whatever you want and then follow your plan to the best of your ability.  If things come up and you can’t accomplish all the things on the list, well, then just move them to the other day but make it a game.  See how much you can do on that list and at the end of the day I promise you will feel so accomplished.

Here are some of the dashboards I currently have in my store.  Come on by the store and get yourself some.  Show me what you got and if you want something you don’t see here, feel free to drop me a line and maybe I can make it for you.

For the Fourth of July


Here’s to Summer



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