How I Plan my Month and My Week – An Introduction to How I Plan and Decorate

The first page of my personal planner. These dashboards can be found in the shop at AnasPlans on Etsy.

The old saying goes “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”  I heard this a long time ago and immediately took to it.  As a very young girl I was always making lists and crossing things off.  Sometimes I even wrote things down after I did them just for the simple pleasure of crossing them out.  confession:  I still do that sometimes.  I was never a good artist, although I always wanted to be, so I would color code things — actually some of those colors are still the same colors I use today to color code and organize my calendar (some have been added overtime).

My life, although chaotic, looks all tied up in a little bow in my planner.  I run 3 businesses, have a full time job and somehow became the CFO of my little family.  At the same time I want to make sure I keep some sense of personal life and have time to enjoy family and friends as well as hobbies and much needed downtime.  All these are important to me and all these are their own separate aspects of what makes up who I am.  The only way I found to make sure I pay attention to every area is to color code them in my planner or the calendar on my phone and make sure they all have a bit of time every couple of days if not every day…. doesn’t always happen and it definately doesn’t happen every day.  For example, I don’t have to deal with finances every day,(thank my lucky stars) but I need to make sure that when I have to deal with finances, I’m not scheduled to do something else or I have filled that time with something else.  Someone has to pay the bills and not everyone can be the CFO of the family 🙂

Throughout the month I use post it notes to schedule future events and deadlines for the following months or weeks (all in the same planner or electronic calendar) as the end of the current week or the current month approaches, I take time to go through a review of what happened, what worked, what didn’t work, how much time I spent on things that are important to me and what I did to help me get closer to achieving the goals I set for myself….. always looking forward by reviewing the past and making adjustments.

Once I do this I take my stickers, my calendar on my phone (that’s where the husband enters for him which may impact events being scheduled for the family) and my paper planner and sit in a quiet place to start planning for the next month or next week.  I try to make sure that I schedule some time in the week in each of the categories.   Some of them I do a few times a week (financial stuff) and some of them I do once a month (girls night/day out) and then there are those that I try to do every day (vitamins, posting on social media).

I enjoy this alone time I spent focusing on myself and for those of you asking….. YES I do decorate my planner with stickers.  Looking at my planner some people may think that I have too much time on my hands.  However, that’s not the case.  I have the same time as everyone else.  I just choose to spend it in different ways.  Decorating with pretty things and color coding makes me happy and makes my planner feel and look like less of a chore.  My planner is like that nagging person on your shoulder telling you what to do.  Sometimes it screams loudly and sometimes it’s just a soft whisper.  But it is like having a boss always checking up on you.

First half of the week coming up. Writing was edited out to protect the innocent 😉

Because the week has a little more space in my personal planner than the monthly section and because I spend more time in this section that in the monthly section, this section tends to be a lot more decked out than the month (how many more times can I say section and month?)

My monthly view…. less decoration but not less color.

These little stickers will be in the shop later today (fingers crossed).  If you subscribe to my email list you will receive a PDF file so that you can print them and begin to day to use them your own planner.

My weekly planning and monthly planning can seem a bit overwhelming to some of you but honestly I am a firm believer in; if you put the work in up-front you save time in the future.  I think that is so true.  By taking time at the end of the week to review what was done and if it was done correctly, what I still need to do and what I could have done better, and then looking at all the things that need to get done for the following week.  I am able to figure out and schedule those little bits of time that when combined make up a pretty good chunk of a day when things can get done.  If I didn’t do this, how would I be able to manage my home, my full time job, my Etsy Shop, my philanthropic group and my paralegal mentoring group?  I still have time to enjoy time with family and friends and on a really happy week, I have time to read a good book (right now reading My Name is Venus).

I hope you come back and subscribe to my list so you can get freebies and all the great new products coming to the shop and some that won’t even make it to the shop.  Maybe I’ll even use you as testers for new ideas in my head…… That would be really helpful.

Thanks for reading and for hanging out with me.





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